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 At QQR, we believe that exceptional service goes a long way. Whether you’re looking for errands to be completed, simple tasks handled, or just a ride to the market, QQR is your go-to mobile solution for all your daily needs.


Rideshare with Quick Quick Runner is simple.Just log into the QQR customer app and choose the ride option,then enter your current location and your destination. Then press Request A Quote. You can choose from a list of quotes from drivers in your area. Once you award the job to the runner that’s fits your price and needs from the list and you are satisfied with their work,you will have the option to leave a review for that provider and to keep that runner as a favorite for the next time you need a ride. There will be a one-dollar booking fee on all rides completed or canceled.

Our Services


A task is for individual customers and businesses of quick quick runner such as restaurants, convenience stores, and other small businesses that need a person available to perform a specific job for a specific matter of time ranging from two hours to 5 hours. This will allow the client to have a person available at any time at any location and to acquire on-the-job training without actually having to employ a person without knowledge of the job.


A simple job performed such as delivery, drop off, or pick up. While some errands may only take 10 to 15 minutes others could take up to 1 hour but should not exceed more than an hour. The price would be determined by the service provider at the time of the request.

How It Works

List a task, errand, or ride service you need completed.

Match with a dedicated runner in your area.

Relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your task fulfilled!